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21st Sep 2022

House of the Dragon (Episodes 1-4) Minisode

We take a little detour to talk about the first four episodes of the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon on HBO. (Spoilers, but nothing major.) What we think so far, where we'd like to see it go, and what we think it's missing.

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House of the Dragon Minisode

Scott: [:

Frank: blockbuster, Hollywood, and the independent

Scott: video store over. But the days of searching the shelves for hidden gems and overlook call classics is never ending. Join us while

Frank: we drown in a sea of streaming options and ask the question, what the hell

Scott: is a good movie.

Anyway, I'm Frank I'm

Frank: Scott and where the last video store clerks

Scott: I won't help. I helped you move. You're the I'm the fucking sucker worst. Packer ever

Frank: COVID move COVID move.

Scott: They did not pack anything. It was the week

Frank: after the winter freeze. do you not remember that? I do. We were packing just fine. And then we had to go stay with people the weekend before we

Scott: moved, I was just like Frank Shirley packs.

Really? Well,

ome. We had fun. It was like [:

Scott: sleepover, but I went home every day. I did eat fast food every day.

It was marvelous.

Frank: we didn't eat fast

Scott: food every day. No, I got it on the way home every fucking time. Yeah. Like pretty much every day I moved with you. So this is not. A normal episode, it's a min, another mini episode. It's a mini to buy time to do research on things.

Frank: Yeah.

Scott: Do a little poking around and we can talk about things that are more current than, but then not poking around too, too much on our laps between recording and release.

There's people that go

Frank: so deep into anything game of Thrones related. I. That's

Scott: kinda why, like, I just kinda wanted to talk about it with you and, uh, I'm not an expert I've seen it. Yeah. Like pre Halloween month. I just kind of wanted to talk about shit that we've been doing, except I haven't watched very much exciting shit at all.

Frank: No, no, no. Not that much this week. Really? That was the only thing.

up. What the fuck I watched [:

Frank: I'm gonna wing it. I finally watched, uh, Was it some kind of monster. Did you really? Yeah. Oh man, it's crazy.

It is. I didn't realize that's a

Scott: lot of fucking Davis day cries

Frank: well, in everything that I've seen lately that he says about them. And then I saw that I. What happened? What happened in between something happened? Or was that just bullshit from the, I don't know.

Scott: I almost watched hard rain thought about it.

Christian Slater. Yeah. Morgan Freeman. Yeah. What, remember I don't that town

Frank: gets flooded. I don't remember people try and carry out a robbery.

Scott: It's like a bank robbery or an armored car robbery in a flooded town in a flood and Christian Slater. Hmm. But I remember liking it a long, long time ago, but I was like, I don't, I don't think that could possibly still

Frank: be good.

I just like the way at the end. You like and Christian Slater. Yeah. I also

Scott: almost watched the wrong term remake, cuz I was just like, eh, why is there a new, new one? They remade the first one. It's not like a sequel, but wait, aren't there

Frank: two newer ones. Oh, maybe. I

don't know. That's what I'm [:

The first time. Why would you get really far the second time too? No,

Frank: there's all kinds of stuff that I want to watch right now. We're getting close to Halloween. So I wanna watch more of the movies outside of what we're going to watch. I'm just having trouble deciding. Should I just be random? Do I need

Scott: to go in a direction?

Yeah, we kept watching, uh, for all mankind, just couldn't. But Kelly like fucking straight up cried. And I've never seen her that emotional in a, well, like watching a TV show that I picked mm-hmm like, I'm like, we're watching lost. And I'm like, why are you not crying? You're not crying. well, I mean, I knew it was gonna

Frank: happen.

I was gonna there's a lot of good stuff on peacock. Peacock is actually killing it for people under the stairs is on peacock. Oh, there's so many things like that. I'm not gonna get into it right now in case. I'll talk to you later about what's on peacock, but peacock has some really good horror stuff going on for Halloween

Scott: right now.

They own a ton of that shit. It's great.

Frank: It's fucking

ersal. As far as like horror [:

Frank: streaming services they're horror stuff. Doesn't always blow me away. They were like, oh, thrills horrors, it screams. And da

Scott: shutter is a side of horror.

I like mm-hmm, , it's like the one where it's like, oh, you, you understand what I'm, what I'm willing to watch also, uh, like not just, uh, not just great that smile trailer was fucked

Frank: up, man. That's a creepy one. That one looks like it could be really fucking creepy. The trailer

Scott: freaked me out. So. I give 'em that the it trailer also looked chapter three.

It did. I

Frank: need another handheld found footage. I need a new one. It's been a while.

Scott: There's surely one. You haven't seen

Frank: that. There's one that I'm tracking. I'm waiting for it to be free on something it's called like the Garlock incident or something like

Scott: that. Oh my God. You get weirder and weird. Do you have a VHS

Frank: player?

Not a working one anymore. Olympia had one that was a

Scott: VHS. I almost think I'm going to let you borrow my VHS player. Oh, don't you to watch the WBO. We'll have a night,

k: dude. No, I feel like you [:

That's what I'm saying. I don't, if I, maybe it's

Scott: not gonna be as good as I, it caught

Frank: me so fucking off. Is that PCR right there? Work. Yeah. Okay. See, that's that? One's older than what she had even good thing. It's still kicking.

Scott: We tried it. Hasn't gone through as much use as. Thought it was going to I'm so I'm too lazy to put a DVD and I'll, if I can find it on streaming, I think

Frank: we talked about it before, but have you seen how much people charge for a VCR?

If you can find them $250? Oh, I don't doubt it from what I've seen. I mean, I didn't dig for an incredible, you know, but I would dig here and there two 50 was the minimum and it's. Basically things that people have put together. Yeah. You know, they've kind of built them. Well,

Scott: I got a Google alert for the last VCR to go on sale in Japan.

Mm-hmm and, uh, it was a, or like a DVD VCR combo mm-hmm and, uh, I just bought the first one that I found online and assuming it was a, and it turned out there was, it was, they went too early. like, there was still a lot in circulation for cheap. So I bought it from like a best buy or some shit. Well, still you have one.

Yeah, it works good. [:

Frank: I feel as if, when I got my first DVD player, I hung onto my VCR that I had for a while. And then I just didn't think about it time to offload it. It


Scott: like, all right, there was a point where I had so many VHS tapes.

Mm-hmm that not buying? The last one was a stupid ass mistake. You know, it was like, this is the last time you can buy a VCR for a VCR price. I didn't know. How are you supposed to they'll make 'em again one day when they just realize how many are still laying around. There's gonna be like a, a vinyl market for it.

You know, , there'll be

Frank: no, it'll be like a bundle. You get the VCRs, you see with five VHS days. Yeah. And it's like Christmas vacation and like some

Scott: other stuff like that. Some random thing. Yeah. Yeah. Debbie does Dallas or something. Debbie .

Frank: I went straight to Christmas vacation. You went to Debbie. Does that?

Scott: That's who I am.

Frank: outside of that. I didn't watch that much else. New just TV stuff, you know, bouncing around trying to find a new show, not having any luck. I mean,

Scott: there's a [:

Frank: That's Westworld. I picked Westworld back up. Oh, really?

Scott: Where'd you stop after two

Frank: after two. So I started three I'm I think three up the episode three. The ones that Aaron Paul.

Scott: Yeah. Okay. That's where he starts. I'm I'm. That's where I stopped. After two, I felt like it was over. And I was like, man, I'm gonna have to have wait until somebody is like, oh no, you should watch it.

And then I'll do it. Cause I was like, this is a nice place to end to operate here.

Frank: They've just taken it so far. It's just in this different place now. It's you could see that it was going there from the start. I guess

Scott: it's a lot going on, man. That's all you need to say. It's a lot going

Frank: on. Exactly what you're saying.

They fucking just full throttle, man. They took it beyond. And so who knows cuz they're in four right now. So

Scott: the last one. Is it? Oh, fucking I hope so. , don't beat everything to death, man. I, I do wanna finish that. We're two ended.

Frank: That could have been it. Yeah, that could have been it. I found no need watching.

Explain where it goes from there. It, whatever happens, no need to

. I found watching that show [:

Frank: I know we, we used to that first season.

Scott: There are things I can deal with that the rehearsal, the one a week thing, one episode of that show is like, oh, it's getting even more nuts, but.

Man for all mankind. That is a drama. A really, really good drama. Apple TV. Yeah. Get on it. One. One day. Yeah. You're gonna wait until you're fucking your free apple TV expires. I have until October 9th about you, that makes you put off something, you know, you'll like in favor of something. You're not sure you would like no more.

I just, cause you're, you're like this commitment to, well, can't just be on something that's already there, but like, if you, you could recommend something and you're like, yeah. And then you save it. You're like an old man with a worths. I'll save this for later.

Frank: until it gets all warm in my pocket that. You know what I'm saying?

I'll keep that Warrior's right. It'll be nice and warm. Ready to go, then I'll enjoy it

now you legitimately want to [:

Frank: Fuck. Why isn't the fish networking?

Scott: yeah, I have to dim the lights. I have to put all my sleep hat. Is that a bear? Listen.

Frank: Then it's just silence,

Scott: cuz it's a guy in the woods. it's like, I just pictured you wearing one of those old sleep caps, the really long ones with the, with the little ball on the end. Like the guy in the lighthouse was, and you're like, you know that ball's been in the toilet.

middle of the night. Yeah. ,

Frank: I've never thought about the ball doing that before, but well now, you know, all right. All right, there we go. this is what happens

Scott: when there's nothing. Where are we gonna talk about house of the dragon? Yeah, we're gonna talk about house of the dragon, like 20 minutes of rambling.

ter I read the first one and [:


Frank: noticed is that the critics are being really tough on

Scott: it.

Well, I just want it to end, like if Martin writes a final book, I'll read it that day. I'll start that day. Mm-hmm from book one. I'll read the whole

Frank: thing, everybody they're just selling it short, funny, cuz. , you know, you can just throw it out there that you've been watching it. It's like, oh yeah. I feel like every person that I've mentioned it to is like, oh yeah, I've seen all of, you know, caught up everybody in my small world is watching it.


Scott: there are things about it that I, I have some questions about where it's gonna go. Mm-hmm and I try to keep reminding myself that the first season game Thrones is kind of slow as far as. Advancing the story, a lot of introductions, like it's a big world build setup and everything, but we don't need the whole world built again.


Frank: and think about all those characters in game of Thrones compared to house the dragon.

Scott: Well, the thing I'm worried about is I don't know where I'm supposed to enter this show. The first episode, like I was like, I don't know which character is my entry point. In this story, because it was really easy with the Starks.

You [:

Frank: like, well, because it's everything that we'd already heard about

Scott: the Tarian. Yeah. But that way in through the Starks, Like the scene where Ned has to execute the guy behind the guy.

Yeah. Left the wall in the very beginning. And we had the like threat, the white walkers were coming. That was the ticking clock in the back of your mind. What always happens with the prequel is you get more history than you get journey. I keep being like, where's the adventure start? you know what we're watching is like the tutors, you know, it's just like political yeah.

Stuff and war. And I. There's something, something a little more like, oh, we're on a journey or something, but I keep being like, well, I mean, that didn't start until the end of season. One of game of Thrones. I went on the

Frank: bloodline hunt to see how many generations there were in between them. And you know what we knew in game of Thrones, what did they say?

170 something. And I feel like they did that on purpose. So you're not trying to piece it together too much. Oh no.

Scott: That's perfect. Go yeah's

Frank: [:

Scott: Yeah. Cause there's the two other books, but that's like the simil thing, like when you gonna make. Fucking movie outta that. Mm-hmm , it's like the hobbits Bible.

Frank: I don't know all the backstory and everything like that, but I feel like you, well, that's

Scott: why I, I like watching it like this is cuz how good are you without me fucking having to do research first. And you know, I don't disparage getting that into it to simplify

Frank: it a. I like the dragons, you know? Yeah.

Scott: And there's some ruthless shit going on.

There's like, I can't, I have nothing to complain about. I like, I like watching the show, the crab king. I keep being like the crab king. What is the, like, what's gonna happen to like up the stakes, send people off in all different directions and. What's gonna happen at the end of that season, that's gonna make this an adventure.

Well, they're not

Frank: afraid to fast forward.

the Queen's expressions, the [:

Mm-hmm , it's like really, really telling you don't have to really come out and tell you what's

Frank: her name? Allison? Well, I mean, she got in door opened. She made

Scott: her way in. Yeah. And I like this serious. He's got leprosy. I'm pretty sure. Yeah, it's funky. Yeah. At first I thought he was cutting himself on the throne a lot.


Frank: what we were like. Can somebody take that too? Can we just, well, cuz he said he did it on the throne. He made a comment in like the first one. Yeah. And we were like, can they get a fucking blacksmith in there to file that shit down? Yeah.

Scott: Like what's this the fucking throne giving him

Frank: leprosy. Yeah.

The, I mean the fucking King's getting cut up

Scott: sitting he's on cut his finger and then he. Those

Frank: fingers. Yeah. Can somebody file that the fuck down? I mean, honestly, just take away the sharp edge. come on, man. The functionality.

Scott: Over. It's been a while since I watched game of throne, all those other minefield of fucking swords around them.

That's not in the old series.

oes it? Oh yeah. So this was [:

Scott: Yeah. If I get into it, I'll end up watching game of Thrones game. I think it's that

Frank: whole thing, depending on who's who's like, you know,

Scott: reigning it over everything.

You get what I'm saying? Like John is your way into the story and then. Denas is also she's the way into the other side of the story. I, yes, yes. And I get that. Matt Smith might be one side of the story, even mm-hmm Matt Smith is fucking carrying this fucking show though. He's killing it. Dam know who I'm talking about.

Do you Damon. Damon. Yeah. Yeah. Dr. Who? Yeah. Damon.

Frank: No, no, no. I knew where you were going. I was just, honestly, still trying to think back on that last part. It's just hard to say.

Scott: Yeah. I don't know where my way in is yet. Mm-hmm which of the

Frank: characters is it? That's where I was going. I lost it when you made me think of what I was thinking about.

Oh fuck. Yeah. That's fucking meta dude. Yeah, because I was, I was like, no, no, no. I know. But then I was like, oh fuck.

Scott: oh, he's asking me about my thoughts now. Where do my thoughts come

Frank: from? God damn it. [:

It's starting

Scott: off more political than I expected. Oh, I should have expected it to be like this mm-hmm that's not necessarily the thing that made me like game of throne. It was the, each of the Starks was embarking on a journey. They leave home. and then, well,

Frank: is it also that there was a game of Thrones, but then there was like also this imminent threat of fucking

Scott: ice zombies.

Yeah. So what I'm wondering is the imminent threat of the ice zombies is the other thing. I want something like that. The only thing that we're really like waiting for is we know the Arian are doomed, but that's that rogue one thing. If you know that all these people are gonna die, the level of caring about them is changed.

Hey, I

Frank: didn't look into it, but that fucking

Scott: dagger, oh, I love the dagger stuff. That's like the best callback so far, because that's the fucking dagger, right? Yeah. And that's pretty much the thing RAR says to in the, the it's like the flashback or the vision quest or something. Mm-hmm whatever the fuck.

think it was when the three [:

Frank: had Raven stuff that was kind of hard for


Scott: If I was slightly different kind of nerd, I would've read these books a thousand times over. Like, they'd be like the expanse, cause I've read each expanse book CNN

Frank: many times.

I don't care if it pisses you I'm I'm just gonna watch this. I'm not trying to go. All in you hear

Scott: my wife sneeze?

Frank: Did you see me? I was like . It was so clear. I know.

Scott: That's awesome.

Frank: Um, . It's like that one time I could hear you just pissing. Like I was sitting here trying to be cool. And you just hear you pissing so loud?

Scott: No. Um, anyway, it ain't no recording

Frank: studio. Uh, well, every now and then I talk and I get some reverb off this guitar behind me.

Scott: I thought about that as it taken the guitar down a few times, I feel like, cause

Frank: I don't have a deep voice, but every now and then I.

It's a pitch, you

Scott: know, that might [:

Frank: It might because when I don't have the headset on every now and then when I'm talking, I hear sound come from that.

Scott: yeah. Do you recognize sir? OTO high tower? Yes. Several things. Do you, did you ever see enduring love?


Frank: didn't see him during, but it wasn't he from in the replacements? Yes.

Scott: These like the kicker, right? I believe so. Yeah. And during love is good. Wasn't he? A nodding hill? I believe so he's been one of those we were just asking. Yeah. I mean, he's, he is in nodding hill. He's the lizard in Spider-Man

Frank: he's been in so many things.

It's just weird now. He's

Scott: amazing. Spider-Man yeah, he's

Frank: good, man. That's good for him. And he does some of that other shit goofy. He was like almost the comic relief he did so good at serious, and I disliked him. You know, like I fucking, I did not like that person. It worked. He did

Scott: great. Well, I wanna know which one's my Jamie Lancaster this time around, you know, that character archetype, cuz I fucking didn't like him at first mm-hmm and now I'm I'm like, which one of you do?

vorite by the end. You're my [:

Nah, never won me

Frank: over. I was rooting for him. He's up there with Andrea and walking dead to me, fucking get

Scott: outta here at the risk of going full loss conversation. I didn't like Jack by the end. I didn't really. Anyone for a period of time, but Sawyer was the only one to win me back by the end. Hurley was lovable enough.

I think Damon's character mm-hmm is going to be my Jamie, at least that's what I'm hoping for. And I it's fair. He's he's one of my doctors. That's a good one. That's a good, but I think that's it. He has the most conflicted thing. Mm-hmm do you think that when he called off them having sex in the brothel, do you think that either he planned.

To have her spotted or did, uh, perhaps he was like, like, fuck boy. Like, he was like, uh, my feelings, he, oh, I have feelings. Oh, I gotta go. Yeah, it was that

didn't, he thought he had, I [:

Was a little bit, but then the fact that she was into it so much was like, well, wait, this is fucked up. Yeah. So he, he hit the brakes at the

Scott: last moment. I wondered about that. But at the same time, I was like, what if he just meant to do this all along? No, he, he really thinks so. Yeah. Okay. That's putting a lot of faith in a character we've seen fucking burn up his own fucking shit.

Frank: well, okay. I'm not gonna lie to you. Do you watch the

Scott: thing after the show? I haven't watched any of 'em. No, I usually don't do that because it takes me out of it Uhhuh. Like I, I like to get lost in fantasy sci-fi stuff and really suspend disbelief. And then if the show ends and I then watch how it was made and all the actors like.

Oh, yeah, like not dressed as their characters talking. It fucks

re saying. Mm-hmm the setup. [:

And that was when, of the first things they talked about. And I was like, oh, it was him losing control. He didn't have control of the situation. So it was a

Scott: fucking, oh, they, they were talking about that. Yeah, they met.

Frank: Cool. They fucking mentioned because, so here's the thing we had skipped those. We were like, no, no, we don't want to.

And this one, it just kept playing and we didn't realize it. And so I was like, oh, and then they brought that up and I. We were just talking about this. That's okay. He lost control and I, I was just so happy because I feel as if I can interpret those things pretty good. Yeah. You know, most movies, that's the thing.

I feel like I'm really picking up what they're trying to send out and just to have that confirmation, I was like, okay, I didn't fuck up. I'm not reading any of this. I, I, I didn't read any of game of, you know yeah. I'm out of that game and I know that you're missing out on so much information, so, well,

Scott: this is like something pieced together from clues drop.

Yeah. It's not hard, like, yeah, yeah, yeah. We have the story of this.

Frank: So, but there's a direction and you know, there's people that know things and it's like, how do you fucking know that some of the shit that I read I'm like,

Scott: damn [:

Frank: shit, like, well, in this one, they're talking about they're predict.

They're predicting what happens in game of Thrones. Like they talk about that's

Scott: great and all, but what's gonna happen in this that's what I care about. Cuz that's the future. We'll get to see a John Snow series and stuff like that. I'll go for that immediately. Cuz that has my way in already. It's built in, but uh, I want to see the characters developed and fall in their face and have to climb back out of well, you know,

Frank: these are the last of the targ at this point pretty much, right?

Like they're all. I think this is gonna be about them destroying each other, you know, taking it down some notches,

Scott: you know, it's still gonna go the tar. Empire's still gonna go for another Jans was born in royalty before all that they fled mm-hmm together. So that's cool and all, but what major thing is gonna happen in this?

Uh, like what's up with the crab man. Hey crab, man. And then crab, band's gone. You didn't watch my name as early. You fell flat. I didn't

Frank: watch my no, but

Scott: you know, [:

Frank: That's what I thought too. I saw that. Yeah, sure. The gray scale, you know, they fucked him up.


Scott: done already. Maybe there'll be more about the origins of that. Of him the

Frank: gray scale. Oh, of the gray scale. Yes. I thought you were talking about crab.

Scott: I know that's a relatively minor thing to wonder about. When did that start? What kind of pandemic was that

Frank: shit and isn't it? Is it the crab prince or the crab king?

Scott: I liked just calling him crab, man. It was a good joke. It fell flat on you cuz you don't watch enough TV. I,

Frank: I watched, I just got into different TV for a while. It's like I wanted trash. I wanted pure trash. I wanted it. I'd talked shit about it for so long. And then I got absorbed it, you know? Overwhelm myself with it, but just stand

Scott: in the middle of the living and completely naked.

Oh, to wash over

Frank: me my night. Show's coming on oxygen

Scott: no, um, no, I mean, we watched home renovation shows all through the

Frank: pandemic dude. Did you? I like how he was so twitchy. I was like, it's just like a Manson video. I

Scott: [:

Frank: that. He so tweaky, you know, I love those twitches.

Scott: Yeah. But there's stuff about game of Thrones that I wanted to know a bunch about. Mm-hmm so that's cool. Build the world, but by the end of the season, I really hope that they send them on some sort of like what's up with the faceless God, people and wheres that all. On the assassins. And do we get to find out more about how that started or happened or what it was doing back then?

I'm sure, sure. There's gonna be bread crumbs.

Frank: I

Scott: want for a lot of things, I'm not as interested in the politics as I am. I know it's the, the everyone's fighting

Frank: for the crown. What? You don't get your eyes zombies. I would be

Scott: really fucking bummed out,

Frank: man. What if it's more, just a game of

Scott: throne. I don't want fucking white walkers again.

I want something else.

Frank: The, the equivalent. What's what's the big, the big looming, I don't know, fear of what the fuck's gonna happen. That's what you're, lookings what I'm hoping for. That's what you keep watching. What if absent? And this is all about politics and the game.

Scott: You haven't even teased me with it yet.

dragons. That's great. Yeah. [:

Frank: What if this is house of cards with dragons?

Scott: I don't know if it'll hold me, man. It would end up being one of those things at some point where I was

Frank: like, well, and how many episodes are we in at this

Scott: 0.4. Okay. And so by 10 in the first series, Ned dies.

And that's what tends everything into motion. That's the catalyst port aria, which is, I thought was great. yeah. Because really like, oh, there's something coming. We got all this character introduction, which is why, like, if I started watching game of Thrones again, I had to do a rewatch. I would start probably in

Frank: season two.

Well, see, that's, you know, I told you there's the whispers of the Sansa, aria, John Snow

Scott: spinoff. I would be fine if they poured all of their, you know, resources into making just one good sequel. Mm-hmm if they're gonna do it or prequel,

Frank: well, just, you know, if all those. With the house of the dragon, then, you know, if those heard

Scott: to show me something supernatural or I'm other than dragon, other than dragons, you're gonna fucking lose my ass for sure.

e like king V serious, other [:

Frank: AERA fan, well, I like

Scott: all those people have. That's what I'm saying is all of those people have potential to become, you know, when the catalyst hit mm-hmm , when's that gonna happen?

And so, like, I think that the whole first season is just gonna be built up to that and then they they're gonna burn the fucking house down

Frank: and then make everybody wait a year

Scott: to a year and a half. Well, yeah, I've done it before I can do it again. See, I just need the, I need the, uh, the big, the big. So

Frank: backstory, you watched game of Thrones as it happened.


Scott: The entire thing

Frank: start to finish. Yeah, I waited until the first year of the pandemic. I watched it in five

Scott: weeks. Yeah, that's crazy. I don't know how you waited that long. I just talked about that shit with people at work for years, I avoided

Frank: it for a decade. Pretty

Scott: much. What is it about you that puts off watching things that end up being your favorite thing for

Frank: so long?

ow because I'm still holding [:

Scott: favorite thing. It's a really weird thing. A bad Twitch. It's kinda like, like, I feel like buying a book is buying a bunch of ti, like you're like, I I'm gonna have that. That's time I bought I'm paid for this time. Mm-hmm and, uh, buying a book and not reading it, bums me out.

And you wanna die without that time. You already paid for yeah. Being used and shows like that, Frank, but it's good to have options. not too many though. I think we're overrun

Frank: with options. No, I mean, that's definitely part of the problem, cuz there's so much shit that I want to see. It's. My brain is having a problem of putting a system to it.

So it's just stopping, I think is what's happening. There you go. Thanks Dr. Phil. Yeah, I'm.

Scott: I'm glad I could

e sure to leave a rating and [:

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Former video store clerk, current sci-fi horror writer. Our copywriter, podcast editor, audio engineer, and resident bad good movie expert.